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Hello everyone and welcome to the Explore Lapland webpage. My name is Ben Taylor (Originally from the UK) and I have been traveling to and living in Lapland since 2006. I am based in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Lapland is a great place, and it´s also ENORMOUS, so getting around can pose many difficulties in terms of poor public transport links and driving conditions. The Arctic weather can make all activities challenging, especially driving. From snow storms, to icy roads, pure darkness and the random reindeer crossing.

Therefore, my services look to enable you to get between one location to another in a safe and comfortable manner. I have been working in tourism for many years and really enjoy meeting new people. Showcasing Lapland is one of my favourite things to do, I would consider myself and unofficial ambassador of Lapland in terms of work, living conditions and even the weather.

My services are designed for those who wish and prefer to travel with convenience, comfort and reliability. I offer transport services, Northern light services, winter clothing rental.

Ben and Explore Lapland have been on a small break due to covid closure, but will look to gradually bring back services on offer.  Prior to covid, we received the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice 2020 Award and maintained a high level of service, which we look to continue.

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To provide excellent, reliable service to those who wish to enjoy Lapland. To ensure your family or group is well taken care of and are ready for the Arctic conditions.



Lapland is truly a unique European Gem, it is a challenging environment that requires respect for nature and culture. Service that considers these elements will ensure a well rounded understanding of where our guests have just arrived.

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