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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Explore Lapland website. My name is Ben and I am the owner of this small, Rovaniemi based tour company. We provide a small selection of activities that promote the beauty of Rovaniemi. 

The reason I set up this business this company is due to a passion for nature, hospitality and real love of Lapland. Originally from Scotland, I first came to Rovaniemi in 2006 to study at the University. It was then I witnessed for the first the the majestic northern lights. 

With a background in tourism, education and sport, I was looking for a new challenge and decided to start a small business focused on quality over quantity. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Therefore, setting up this business fits all of the aspects of my personal interests. 

I also have a small family, so making sure children have fun and well dressed is very important for me. My partner is from Lapland, so we are very well equipped with knowledge and experiences of life here in Lapland.


If you find yourself looking for a small group experience in the Rovaniemi then maybe consider Explore Lapland to organise your trip. 

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If you wish any help with the organisation of your Lapland trip please contact me:



                      +358 442 443 890

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