Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit and Sleigh Ride

Visit one of the most scenic reindeer farms in the Rovaniemi area. Enjoy learning about the reindeer herding culture and the lives their families have lead, and what modern reindeer farming involves.

At this location you will experience the age old tradition of reindeer herding. With a modern twist, where the herders have trained a select number of their herd to pull visitors through their family farm. Established around 200 years, this farm is filled with tradition at every corner.

Enjoy a short sleigh ride from one of the farms well trained reindeers, giving you a taster of what is was like during the days when cars were not an option. 

Please request either the 2km or 3.5km option. We can't confirm bookings automatically, but make the request for date, distance and group size. We will then request this and get back to within a short period of time.

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Duration: 2-4 hrs

Dates: Dec - April

Includes: Warm winter clothing, warm drinks and snacks, transport to and from your accommodation.


Farm Visit:

Adults 85€ , Children 65€

2.5km Sleigh Ride:

Adults 115€ , Children 99€

3.5km Sleigh Ride:

Adults 125€ , Children 109€

(Children 2-13)

Minimum 2 Adults