Private Northern Light Location

Enjoy a truly Lappish experience.

Enjoy the experience of viewing the northern lights from your own little lakeside area. Enjoy the fire place whilst you wait for the lights to appear and be at one with peace and silence.

Rovaniemi Northern Lights

Ben´s Private Lakeside Spot

This is my private area that I bought for the purpose of northern light viewing. This spot allows for great views north and enjoys the benefits of being 25mins outside the city. At my spot I have an authentic teepee with a fireplace and seating for around 8-10 people. When the lake freezes over you can enjoy unspoiled views, with no light pollution, no other tourist companies.

The Rovaniemi area has only a few accessible spots for tourists to enjoy the views of the lights and very few where you can stay warm with a fire. Northern light viewing takes place during the coldest time of the day, and therefore the correct clothing and a fire place can make the experience much more comfortable.

My spot offers your privacy, warmth and great views. If photography is important to you, this area offers you a great location to set up  with some interesting characteristics to use withing your shots. No one is walking around shining their lights at you and ruining your photographs.

Lakeside Photos