Rovaniemi Husky Safaris

Are you looking for an exciting activity? Then a husky safari is one potential solution!

We have selected these husky safari locations due to there amazing location, there small group tours and their dedication to the welfare and happiness of their dogs. 

The thrill of all these tours allow you to experience the true strength of these amazing animals. They love to run, they love to meet new people, and surprisingly they really like the cold weather. Let the hosts explain about their dogs and their individual personalities. 

Guided 2km & 5km Husky Safaris

If you want to take in the amazing scenery and just enjoy the safari, then this guided option is for you. Allow your guide to lead the team of dogs around and over the frozen river. This is a truly unique experience, and we ensure that no large groups or coaches will be at the location. This location embraces the total essence of Lapland. The company is also owned by a local family, and we love to support local small businesses.

Self Ride 5km & 10km Husky Safaris

Enjoy the thrill of guiding your team of dogs through the Lappish forest. Follow a guide in front and let the dogs pull you through the forest, some help will be needed for the uphill sections. Swap with your partner or friend to share the responsibility and to also relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility. The passenger can also take photos and be in charge of the filming. This small family operated business 30km from Rovaniemi allows you to enjoy their dogs and their very large garden. Once agin we choose this small company to enhance your experience.


  • Warm winter clothes.

  • Winter boots.

  • Warm drinks and snacks.

  • Transfers to and from accommodation.

  • Photos (Allow 48hrs for photos to arrive.)