Rovaniemi Travel Consultancy

This is a chance to discuss your travel plans with a resident of Rovaniemi. I have 14 years of experience traveling to and from Lapland and 4 years of using and working with services providers in the area. 

My experience can allow you to save money and also find the best value. Rovaniemi can be an overwhelming small city with many providers. You may want to focus on less commercial and more local experiences. You may be price driven or experience driven. Let me give you some advice and maybe help you find create a schedule that fits your budget and your Lapland dream.


  • Save money

  • Find the right experience

  • Clothing for Adults and Children

  • Snowmoble Experiences

  • Reindeer Farm Experiences

  • Restaurants recommendation

  • Travel

  • Budget 

  • Local expertise


Book a video meeting with me for 1 hour to discuss your plan.

Price per 1 hour consultancy 25€. 

Schedule creation can be created at a further cost of 25€.

Please remember Finland is GMT +2